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Friar Jerónimo da Azambuja


The Priest Teacher Friar Jerónimo da Azambuja took his vows at the Convent of Santa Maria da Vitória, in Batalha, on October 6, 1520.

He was extremely knowledgeable of Scholastic Theology while also being fluent in Hebrew and Greek.

Towards the end of 1545 he became royal ambassador to the Council of Trent, along with two other members of the same order.

He was then elected prior of the Convent of Batalha, from where he had originally been sent.

Of all the writings he completed during his lifetime, only a tiny part came to be published, in spite of his desire to see his work in print before it were lost or someone else published it under another name.

He left the convent when made inquisitor and served on the Tribunal of the Holy Office in Lisbon, by decree of the Cardinal-Infante, but returned later in 1560 as a provincial.

In the course of his provincial duties, he wrote a number of letters and acts to the convents, in which he explained the laws of the Church that were not just there to be read but also to be followed, as well as concerning the care and attention to protocol required during the celebration of mass.

He would die soon after in the year of 1563, not having completed two and a half years of service.